We offer mastic that can be used for sealing the joint.

The mastic is available:

  • Mounted in the shrink sleeve
  • Rolls of 30m
  • Packed in bags of 2 pieces

Shrink Collar

The shrink collar is used as additional sealing.

Wall Bush


Wall bushes are used for sealing against the penetration of water in places where pipes go through walls, sockets, well walls etc.

In case of large dimensions, it is recommended that at least two wall bushes  are installed on the pipe.

Shrinkable End Caps

We offer 2 various types of shrinkable end caps:

  • DHEC
  • EC
    • End Caps for Double Pipes


We are supplier of a large range of dimensions and varieties of centerrings. 

In our product category, we offer following products:

  • Centerrings for single pipes
  • Centerrings for double pipes
  • Spiro
  • X-centerrings
  • Centerrings for CU-pipes

Pipe Caps

We supply a large variety of different sizes and colours of pipe caps. We offer pipe caps in standard sizes from DN 20 up to DN 711.

Bigger dimensions available on request

Plugs and Other Accessories

Our product program holds various types of plugs and other accessories

  • Welding Plugs
  • Ventilation Plugs
  • Perforated Ventilation Plugs
  • Wire Clips
  • As well as a lot of other accessories

Please contact us if you need any accessories not mentioned above