Shrink Sleeves


Our joints are without doubt the best and most ecologically desirable choice when it comes to joining pre-insulated pipe systems. The joint fulfils the technical/functional requirements stated in EN 253.

The joint is manufactured in expanded HDPE-material with an elastic “memory”, which causes the joint to regain its original dimension after shrinking. The shrinking process is controlled by means of a gas burner.

Our products are manufactured using up-to-date technology. In the manufacturing process, we are paying attention to the environment by using only water and air, and no liquids that may have a damaging impact on the properties of the joint such as its welding properties.

Application of the joint:

  • For foaming
  • With insulation half shells
  • For welding

The joint, which has been tested according to EN 489 by Fernwärme Forschungs Institut in Hannover, is completely waterproof when mastic tape is applied, which also is in our product range. If double sealing is required, use shrink film or shrink collars.

The joints should remain in their original packaging before installation to protect them against sunlight.

Dimensions between ø63 and ø1200 mm.
Standard lengths: 500, 600 and 700 mm.

Other lengths on request