District cooling

Strong and valuable solutions 

Our product portfolio within district cooling contains a large range of joints, reductions, bends, T-pieces, balloons, valve main pipes and surveillance of pipe systems. To match our customer's needs we deliver both standard and customized solutions, and we make sure that our produtcs fit your solution perfectly. 


We supply comprehensive leak detection and fault location solution in district heating and district cooling networks. The advanced and well established equipment is developed to detect leaks instantly and automatically sending out an alert.  
We collaborate with some of the leading companies in the fields of developing leak detection systems in the world.


Ventilation plugs
Welding plugs
Wire clips
Alarm cable-take-off
Mesuring cups
End sleeves
Reduction for butt welding
Heat shrinkable joints
(Non cross-linked)

Repair joints
Heat shrinkable irradiation joints (Cross-linked)

Electro fusion joints


T-pieces, shrinkable

End fittings with screw cap

Valve Main Pipes