District Heating

The perfect solution for you and your business

We supply all types of HDPE products for district heating including reductions, bends and plugs.  Our products are characterised by their high quality and hardwearing.  We are able to provide you with special measurements and solutions that will suit your appliances.


Ventilation plugs
Welding plugs
Wire clips 
Alarm cable-take-off

Measuring cups 

End sleeves 
Reduction for butt welding
Heat shrinkable joints
(Non cross-linked)
Repair joints
Heat shrinkable irradiation joints (Cross-linked)
Electro fusion joints
District heating expansion joints
End Caps 
End Caps (DHEC)

T-pieces, shrinkable
End fittings with screw cap
Valve Main Pipes
Wall Bushes
Heat Shrinkable End Caps

Spigots and sockets
Welding plug tool
CU Wire
CU Wire tinned