Operating expansion joints

Operating Expansion Joints are specially designed and adapted for installation in all district heating pipe systems. The Operating Expansion Joints are designed so that, when it is fully compressed, the axial compressive forces of the pipeline, are transmitted directly through the exterior shroud. In case of shutdown or other situations where temperature drops, high tensile stresses occur, then bellow will retreat towards pre-stressed condition as installed.
To ensure against torsions in the bellow when operating, 2 pieces of guide are mounted. In addition also the telescopic joint between the shroud, forms a guide, so that the pipeline can be installed, without damaging the expansion joint.
This construction means that the number of fix points in the pipe system can be reduced, because the expansion joint can be installed in series without intermediate fix points. If the Operating Expansion Joints are installed in a curved pipe sections it will need 12 meters of pipe before and after. 
The Operating Expansion Joints will start each other individually.The Operating Expansion Joints is 100% pre-set from the factory, and are activated automatically when the system is started up.


•Maintenance free                •Size: DN32 – DN1000
•Protecting Shroud               •Temp.: +120°C
•Easy installation and isolation         •Pressure: 16 BarG – 25 BarG
•Can be installed in series
•Torsion prevention